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The learning spaces at St Patrick’s support contemporary learning activities and have been configured to support student needs.

Located in Guildford, our school has been delivering high quality, Catholic education for over 100 years. We are a K-6 school that celebrates the diversity of its multicultural community and the uniqueness of each person.

Our recently completed extensive building program provided new air-conditioned learning spaces for students K-6, an outdoor learning environment, learning hub including a library, music and art rooms, a purpose built canteen and new toilet facilities. We welcome you to see our beautiful spaces.

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Our Facilities

We offer a contemporary education with a strong foundation in faith, delivered in a supportive and stimulating environment. Our students learn the skills they will need to succeed in today's world including communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

Curiosity and imagination are treasured and encouraged at St Patrick’s, and we are focused on a well-rounded education that develops children socially, spiritually, emotionally as well as academically.

We invite you to explore the ways in which we provide a holistic education and make a difference for every child.



St Patrick's Guildford Kindy

Thanks to our Kindy transition program, our newest students are already familiar with their bright, flexible, open learning space by the time they begin school.

Year 1

St Patrick's Guildford  Year1

Our school may have a long history, but our learning spaces are up-to-date and promote engaging, contemporary educational activities for all types of learners.

Year 2

St Patrick's Guildford Year2

Students are encouraged to work both independently and in groups and take responsibility for their own learning. Spaces are air-conditioned for student comfort.

Year 3

St Patrick's Guildford Year3

The furniture in our spaces is flexible and reflects the way today's students like to learn. The latest technology is integrated throughout the school to enhance learning.



St Patrick's Guildford Technology

The latest technology to support learning - including iPads, Chromebooks and MacBook Airs.

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St Patrick's Guildford Library

A well-resourced and welcoming library which is an integral part of teaching and learning at the school. It allows students to read widely for enjoyment, enrichment and recreation. The school library is open every day and is accessible to all students.

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St Patrick's Guildford Art

Dedicated Music and Art Rooms to support creative learning pursuits under the guidance of a specialist teacher.

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St Patrick's Guildford Airconditioning

All learning spaces are air-conditioned to allow learning to take place in comfort all year round.


St Patrick's Guildford Outdoor Areas

Newly designed and landscaped outdoor learning environment with places to learn, play, design, reflect and discover through a large open artificial grass area, sandpit, slide, handball courts, basketball court, vegetable garden beds, yarning circle, varied seating and an open grass area across the road from the school.

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St Patrick's Guildford Hall

Parish school hall used for whole school gatherings, Physical Education lessons and numerous learning experiences.

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St Patrick's is one of the best places to learn!

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