Our Story

St Patrick’s is a Kindergarten – Year 6 primary school that serves the multicultural community in the Guildford area and currently has around 400 students enrolled.

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Our Mission and Vision

St Patrick's is a Catholic Primary School committed to excellence in teaching and learning. We have a strong focus on the student at the centre of all we do. As a school community we value, celebrate and promote the Church and its mission, giving witness to the Gospel values. We value the individuality and dignity of each member of our community and encourage mutual respect, partnership and open communication between staff, students, parents, parish, and the wider community.

We work together as a community to provide quality teaching and learning opportunities in a supportive environment in which each person can grow and learn. We aim to make a difference for every child.

Our History

St Patrick's Guildford has a rich history behind its faith and learning, first opened in 1910 with 50 pupils, originally sharing a church building with the local community.

In the early 1900s it became apparent that the people of Guildford needed a Catholic parish to accommodate the growth of the area, and so, on 2 April 1910, the community celebrated the opening of a new church building. In October of that year, the building began to serve a dual purpose when the Sisters of St Joseph started to use it as a school room. The Sisters of St Joseph rented a cottage in Guildford Road to be closer to the church/school building. Every Friday afternoon, the school room would be transformed back into a church and back again ready for the students on Monday mornings.

In 1935 the old church was moved to accommodate a new one, and a convent was built for the Sisters of St Joseph. The school continued to grow and over time many more buildings and facilities were added to both the school and the church.

Now well into its second century, St Patrick’s Primary delivers a relevant, 21st century education with well-appointed modern buildings and teaching facilities, thanks to the extensive building program of recent years. Our school is proud to continue serving its diverse community and delivering high quality, Catholic education.


We’ve been providing quality Catholic education for over 100 years

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