Our Faith Journey

St Patrick’s aims to foster in our students an understanding of the teachings of the Gospel, the nature of Christianity and the way Catholics are called to live their lives within the Catholic tradition.

We provide opportunities for students to connect with the Catholic faith and traditions in a meaningful way. Based on contemporary research, the new approach to Religious Education across the diocese is focused on addressing questions students have about their faith and life.

Social Justice

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The St Patrick's school community is intent on making a real difference in our world. In the spirit of our school motto, Virtue and Honour, we work in partnership to develop strong relationships, learn well, pray together and reach out to those in need. We give generously to ministries and charities such as Caritas Australia's Project Compassion, the St Vincent de Paul Society and Catholic Mission's work with children, to make a real difference in the lives of the marginalised and outcast. Students have various opportunities to also raise awareness of other needs and organise fundraising for them. We see social justice initiatives as a way of bringing our Catholic faith to life.

Liturgical Life

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We are proud to have a very active liturgical life. Feast days, holy days and special events (e.g. Grandparents Day, St Patrick's Day, Mothers Day, and Fathers Day) are celebrated with whole school Masses. The Ash Wednesday Mass brings together past pupils attending local high schools, parents and present students. In order to maximise student involvement and engage them more fully in their faith, classes are regularly rostered to prepare Masses held on Wednesday mornings. Students lead the singing to bring joy to each celebration of the Eucharist.

Religious Education

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Students take part in various religious experiences which guide and develop their faith. Sacramental programs are supported and celebrated as part of the school's Religious Education (RE) program and Reconciliation is offered to each class, from Years 2 to 6, on a rostered basis each week. Regular prayer is an important part of school life including daily prayer in classrooms and regular staff prayer. Parents join staff and children in prayer at Monday assemblies and special occasions, where the needs of the school and wider community are brought to heart and mind. During times of sadness, such as serious illness or tragedy, prayer reflections lead children to express their faith in God's mercy and love.

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