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St Patrick's celebrated the opening of the World Cup with a fundraiser to raise money for school resources and furniture. To date they have raised close to $5,500!

The World Cup has a way of bringing people together, bonded by a common goal of goals, family, friendships, and patriotism that is unique to the international soccer tournament. On Friday the 15th of June, the students of St Patrick’s participated in the World Cup fundraiser, we were brought closer together as we made new friends, we participated in various activities and celebrated with other students across the school in our peer support groups.

The day began with a parade of flags that we made in our peer support groups. The school was filled with colour and was very proud to show off their one of a kind flags! The opening ceremony was lead by the exquisite and exclusive choir, they were working hard for as long as you can imagine, when finally they got to show off their unique and delightful voices! As they sang at the top of their lungs and bought harmony to the room, the crowd cheered with glee as they were singing along.

But there was more to come, the delightful gymnastics group were up next!

From flips, to cart wheels, to handstands they left the crowd astonished with their jaw dropping performance. As soon as Mr Mahony declared the world cup open we moved to our peer support groups to begin the activities.

The day was filled with a variety of games and activities that taught us to work together from sack racing, to cricket to tunnel ball to building towers with the some of the most unusual materials, we ALL had a whole heap of fun but the best part about it was all the delicious lollies and popcorn being sold by the parent group!

The world cup fundraiser wasn’t just an ordinary day, it was an extraordinary day!

It is a day of harmony, respect, love throughout the world. Everybody made new friends with children from different grades. The best job was helping out the younger students with all the activities. We all had lots of fun and raised $5500 to go towards furniture and resources for the new school buildings!


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