On the 13th of August, we had, as to be expected, a very enjoyable first peer support session.

We started off by going around in a circle and introducing ourselves with something that describes us. Our first activity was signing a group agreement that had three rules in which we decided upon, when we signed it, we agreed that we would follow all of those rules during peer support sessions.

The second activity was a fantastic fun-filled game called 'lizard'. This was by far the activity we all enjoyed the most! We started by forming a line with the objective of the game being for the leader to touch the tail without anybody letting go of the person in front of them. To finish off the session we worked with a partner, writing down things that we value such as family, friends, religion and church.

As a reward for our excellent behaviour we each received a delectable treat. We are all looking forward to our next Peer Support Session!

Student article from Wissal El-Morabi


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