A whole lot has been happening at St Patrick's over the last fortnight. Our media team has the full scoop down below.

Grandparent's Day
On the 7th of September we celebrated Grandparent's Day at St Patrick's. Our grandparents were able to visit the bookfair with their grandchildren in the morning, staying for an assembly where students thanked them for all of the wonderful things that they do.

We finished off the day with a lovely morning tea of scones with jam and tea.

Year 5 Visit the Chinese Gardens
On the 4th of September our Year 5 students visited the Chinese Garden which links to their inquiry unit of "Our Asian Neighbours".

Students learned about the purpose of the gardens and how they are a place of reflection and tranquility. For the ultimate experience, students enjoyed traditional Chinese tea, dumplings, spring rolls and dim sims.

Book Parade and Trivia
On the 14th of September we celebrated Book Week with our school book parade and a game of book-related trivia! Students came to school in fantastic costumes which can be seen in the media report video above.

Check out photos from all of these events in our online gallery.


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