During the beginning of Term 3, our grade (Year 6) was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit our nation's capital city, staying overnight in Canberra as a part of our government system/inquiry learning unit.

With a focus on Australian history, culture, heritage and democracy, the excursion provided many opportunities for students to participate in a variety of educational programs that put their learning into action.

We are currently learning about government in Year 6, and what better way to understand how our government works than to visit Parliament House! We were able to see everything that we've been learning about in the classroom.


During our trip, we visited the High Courts, Parliament House, Foreign Embassies, Questacon, The War Memorial Museum, The Mint, The Dinasour Museum and so much more! From role playing as members of the Senate to watching a scientifically created lightning strike, our trip was jam-packed with learning and adventure.

All of Year 6 had a blast, not only did we learn a lot, but we had an awesome time while doing so.

Student contribution by Chanel Finianos and Charlize Hekeik


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