2020 School Leaders


Last Friday the school celebrated our Opening School Mass, the commissioning of the 2020 school student leaders, blessing for the school year and blessing of grade prayer clothes. Our theme for the mass and this year is “Making a Difference as we inquire together”. 

St Patrick’s Primary believes student leadership experiences are essential to developing skills in service to others. Jesus is our model of leadership. Students who are elected to leadership positions are to be exemplary role models for others and support the staff in giving witness to our Catholic faith and values.

Congratulations to the following leaders who were commissioned at the opening school mass.

  • School Leaders - Maddison, Isabella, Christopher, George
  • Mission Leader - Andrei  
    Mission team members - Charlize, Christian, Julia
  • Environmental Leader - Daniella
    Environmental team members - Joseph, Kim, Sharna
  • Learning Leader - Nicholas
    Learning team members - Christina, Elias, Tsion
  • Wellbeing Leader - Ayva
    Wellbeing team members - Chanel, Jacinta, Sarkis
  • Sport & Entertainment Leaders - Maryanne (John - Blue), Sienna (Luke - Yellow), Lara (Mark - Red), Jayden (Matthew - Green)


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Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese

Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese

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