The Parent Handbook below covers all the information you and your child will need.

You can print a full version of the handbook items listed below to read at your convenience by pressing the 'PDF' button at the top of the page.

If you have any further questions in relation to school times, dates, policies or other general enquiries, please feel free to contact us by email or phone on (02) 8728 7300, between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm from Monday to Friday.

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Principal Mr Steven Jones
Assistant Principal Mrs Tracy Hoey
Parish Priest Father Peter Blayney

Mrs Catherine Hartsuyker
Mrs Jenny Titterton
Mrs Josephine George

Address 34 Calliope St
Guildford NSW 2161
Phone 8728 7300

School Information

When a child has been absent from school, a note of explanation is required by the class teacher.

Parents are reminded that frequent / long absences from school are a hindrance to learning.


In case of sudden illness or an accident at school, the staff will make every effort to contact parents. It is most important that parents inform the school of any changes to contact telephone numbers.

Parents are asked not to send a sick child to school as this distresses the child, as well as places a burden on staff members to care for the sick child.


Teachers always welcome communication with parents.

Appointments to discuss a child's progress or a classroom concern must first be made with the class teacher. If parents wish to speak with the Principal they can arrange an appointment with the School Secretary.


A Parent Information Evening is held at the beginning of each year to provide an opportunity for teachers to outline the class curriculum and organisation.

Teachers complete a Student Learning Report for each student at the end of Term 2 and Term 4. These reports (with the exception of Kindergarten reports) will report individual student learning achievement according to the following scale:

A: Excellent Achievement
B: High achievement
C: Sound achievement
D: Basic achievement
E: Elementary achievement

Parents will be offered a 15 minute interview with the class teacher and the student following the distribution of the Student Learning Reports in Term 2.

All parents are expected to attend this interview. Evidence of each individual student's achievement will be retained in the student works samples folder which will be shared at this interview.

Students in Year 3 and Year 5 participate in the National Assessment Program Literacy And Numeracy (NAPLAN). A separate detailed report is provided for NAPLAN.


Parents of children with asthma, anaphylaxis or severe allergic reactions must notify the school of any specific causes that may precipitate an attack, and the appropriate medical action plan.


All students who are enrolled at school, regardless of their age, are expected to attend that school whenever instruction is provided.

Parents are required to explain the absences of their children from school promptly and within seven school days of the absence.


All children travelling by bus are required to have a bus pass or the appropriate bus fare. To be eligible for free travel in primary school, children must live outside the 1.6 km radius from the school, as set by the Department of Education. All Infants children are eligible for free bus travel.

St Patrick's students are expected to adhere to the NSW Department of Transport 'Code of Conduct' when travelling on the bus. Serious misbehaviour will be reported and may result in opal cards being confiscated or students being banned from travelling on the bus.


The school Canteen operates throughout the week.

Menus and price lists are distributed to the children at the beginning of each term, with updated menus and/or price changes. Our Canteen Supervisor adheres to State Health Department guidelines to provide a 'Healthy' School Canteen.


As it is most important that the school be able to contact a parent at any time of the day, parents are asked to make sure that any change in address or telephone number, including work telephone number, is made known to the school.

If your primary contact number changes, please inform the office immediately so that we are able to reach you in an emergency.


The protection of children from harm is a shared responsibility. It is a legal requirement for teachers, staff and volunteers who have direct contact with students, to report to the Principal all serious matters concerning the welfare of students. This includes concerns about suspected risk of harm to a child, and suspected or disclosed incidents of abuse of children.

In line with Child Protection legislation, all people working in any capacity with children (class helpers, library support, excursion helpers, swimming assistants, canteen etc) must attend a Child Protection course at the school every 2 years and complete a Prohibited Employment Declaration Form. These forms can be obtained from the School Office.


If a Custody or Restraining Order (AVO) exists within a family relationship, the school must be provided with a copy of the legal document to ensure that all legal requirements are met.

This document can be submitted to the school office.


Dismissal bell rings at 2.45pm. Children assemble at one of the following areas:

Bus and OOSH: Area C
Walkers: Area C (between 2:50pm - 2:55pm)
Others: Area A (main playground)

On wet weather days or extremely hot days, parents will be asked to come into the school to collect their children. Parents will be asked to collect their children from designated areas announced by the Assistant Principal.


Opportunities are provided for children to attend excursions and to participate in sports events.

These are integral to a child's learning as well as their social development. Adequate notice is given and costs are kept to a minimum.

All children are expected to participate. A teacher with a current First Aid Certificate will attend every excursion and sports event. Parents are asked to make sure that signed permission slips are returned to the class teacher, otherwise their child will not be allowed to participate.


Homework is set for children from Monday to Thursday. Homework is designed to assist children in developing independent study habits.

Parents are asked to help by ensuring that a regular time is set aside for homework and that a quiet place is available.

Completion of homework is always encouraged, but we acknowledge that family matters need to take priority and tiredness can be an issue. Teachers will always accept a parent's decision, and a short note of explanation will assure them that the decision was the parent's.


Any children arriving at school must collect a Late Note from the School Office before going to class.

Parents may not go directly to the classroom to collect their child. Parents wishing to take their child from school before 2:00 pm must complete an Early Leave form at the School Office. Children will not be permitted to leave school after 2.00 pm unless prior permission has been granted by the Principal.


All clothing, including hats, should be clearly marked with the child's name.

Items of clothing that are lost may be found in the Lost Property bins. Unclaimed clothing will be donated to the second hand clothing pool at the end of each term.


Some children attending school need medication to control illnesses. All medication must be sent to the School Office and will only be administered if the authorisation forms (available from the School Office) are completed by parents.

Parents should supply tablets and mixtures in the original container clearly marked with the name of the child, the dosage and the time the medication is to be given.

Only prescribed medication will be administered by school personnel. The school office staff have current First Aid qualifications and tend to sick or injured children.


The school newsletter is an important feature of our community and contains important information about events at school, ensuring that you are kept up-to-date. Copies of the newsletters are archived on our website and a notification will be sent through the school's Skoolbag app.

You can also subscribe to our school newsletter and automatically receive all the latest school information straight to your email in-box.


To support the smooth operation of the school day, and to ensure the children’s safety and wellbeing, punctuality is encouraged at the commencement and end of each day.

Children should be ready for their class lines each morning and, therefore, should be on the school grounds before 8.35am. When children arrive late to school, they must go to the School Office for a late note. Parents are asked to allow the children to make their own way from the Office to class. This supports our goal for uninterrupted teaching/learning times.


School Hours 8:35am - 2:45pm
Sip & Crunch 10:00am
Morning Tea 10:35am - 11.05am
Lunch 12:35pm - 1:15pm


The telephones in the school are for use by school personnel only.

Children will not be permitted to use the telephone and phone calls will not be made on their behalf unless it is an emergency.


Full school uniform must be worn at all times. Any child who does not wear the full school uniform must have a letter of explanation from their parents.

School hats, bags and Library bags are available at the school Office. Navy blue parkas are available from the Parent Group only.


Summer Winter Sport

Blue/green check dress
White ankle school socks
Black school shoes
Navy school hat
Navy blue or green hair bands

Green tartan dress
White shirt (long sleeves)
Navy tie
Navy tights
Black school shoes
Navy school jacket/jumper
Navy school hat
Optional: Navy knitted woollens (e.g. scarf), Navy blue parka

Navy sports shorts
White school polo shirt
White sports shoes
White laces  
White ankle socks
Navy school tracksuit
Navy school hat


Summer Winter Sport

Navy school shorts
Midford Sky Blue shirt (short sleeves)
Grey ankle school socks with double blue stripes
Black school shoes
Navy school hat  

White shirt (long sleeves)
Navy tie
Grey ankle school socks with double blue stripes
Black school shoes
Navy school jacket/jumper
Navy school hat
Optional: Navy knitted woollens (e.g. scarf) Navy blue parka

Navy sports shorts
White school polo shirt
White sports shoes
White laces
White ankle socks
Navy school tracksuit
Navy school hat


Uniforms may be purchased from:

Joseph's Drapery
Guildford Rd


Coolabah Centre
Sherwood Rd
Merrylands West


The St Patrick's Catholic Primary uniform identifies us as a community and therefore should be worn with pride at all times. The following areas are important for our school:

  • A school hat is an important part of the school uniform and is to be worn when children are outside the classroom. Our policy of "no hat, no play" is a preventative measure to safeguard our children from the risk of skin cancer.

  • Hair is to be neat and tidy. Long hair must be tied back with ribbons/scrunchies of the school colour (dark blue or green). Boy's hair is to be off the collar and of gradual even grade (no shorter than #3, no lines). Both boys and girls hair is to be of consistent natural colour, and extremes of hairstyles are to be avoided.

  • Nail polish and jewellery (apart from a chain with a cross or religious medallion, and a watch) are not to be worn.

  • Plain stud earrings or sleepers may be worn.

  • Make-up is not to be worn.


Every day, all students stop to eat a small piece of fruit/vegetable (e.g. grapes, carrot, plum etc) and have a drink of water. No other foods or drink are permitted.


Pupil-free days are provided for each school by the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta each year to plan curriculum programs for teaching and learning.

These days are valuable to ensure good professional development for the staff and planning for the education of all students. There are no classes on these days.


Mutual respect and support between teachers, students, parents, Parish, and the wider community are at the core of our Student Management Policy. School rules are firm but fair. A reward system encourages children to strive towards excellence in behaviour and in practising the values endorsed by the school community. Consequences are in place when rules are broken, and parents are informed by the Assistant Principal. All students are expected to:

  • Cooperate with all teachers
  • Follow school rules
  • Take responsibility for their own actions
  • Act with fairness and respect towards others
  • Allow others the right to learn and play safely
  • Take pride in themselves, their work and their environment.

Corporal punishment is not permitted.

Bullying in any form is not tolerated and is quickly addressed. St Patrick’s encourages a safe, protective and just school.

Illegal substances, drugs and weapons are forbidden on site.


Parents are advised that supervision of children does not commence until 8:15am each morning. For their own safety, children should not be at school prior to this time.

Children will be supervised until 3:10pm. If parents are unavoidably detained at the end of the day they must inform the school before 3:10pm.


Parents working for the school in a voluntary role must complete a ‘Prohibited Employment Declaration’ form and attend a St Patrick’s Child Protection Training meeting every two years. A register of all approved parent volunteers is retained at the office.

All visitors or volunteers assisting with classroom teaching programs must report to the School Office to sign the Visitor’s Book and to receive a Visitor’s Identification badge. Once the visit has concluded, visitors must sign out in the Visitor’s Book and return the badge.

For security reasons, if teachers or staff see an adult in the school grounds without a Visitor’s Badge they will direct that person to the school office.